Urgent Breaking News – Be Forewarned of The Five (5) Dangerous Eating Disorders

Quote: ‘Gluttony is an emotional escape, a sign something is eating us.’

~Peter De Vries

May I start this article with this simple stipulation! When a house is built all the steps of the process have to be considered before construction starts. Otherwise you could wind up installing the doors and then finding out the refrigerator won’t fit the through them.

Similarly your health plans have to be considered together as a whole instead of one piece at a time. Therefore, at this stage we are only highlighting the ill effects of eating disorder! More to come but in the meantime, let’s focus on the above. Entertainment

Here goes!

These five disorder is highly dangerous although in different degrees of severity What you are about to read you will be shell-shocked. On face value they may be common to all types of eating problems. But believe it or not, these essential elements do and certainly constitute acute obsession.

Now, however, if we want to understand eating disorder and the way they work for a woman in severe conflict about mother-separation and mother-surpassing. Then we have to translate these obsessive preoccupations into their original meaning.

Let’s scroll down and see for ourselves what the first and foremost dangerous eating disorder is. OK? Thanks!

Dangerous Eating Disorder No. 1: Eating obsession food has taken the place of the mother.

Listen! I must stress without doubts that at the most general level we can say that in an eating obsession food has taken the place of the mother. We are now in a position to understand this symbolic equation since we have seen how the mother was, to the small infant, inseparable from food.

Coming next,

Dangerous Eating Disorder No. 2: Fear of appetite with a woman’s fear of her needs Consider this scenario! Study this statement carefully. Inevitably, then, given the filial story we have just uncovered, we would associate the fear of appetite with a woman’s fear of her needs in general. But more specifically with the rage that comes to expression through the mouth.

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