The Different Types of Vaginismus Treatments

Many women suffering from Vaginismus live under the misconception that there are no proper Vaginismus treatments available that can help them to get rid of their condition. If you are also one of these women, then you must know that various types of Vaginismus treatments exist and they can help to treat the condition and with a 100% success rate.

The Vaginismus treatments can be divided into different categories. These include: vaginismus treatment

• Physical Treatment
• Psychological Treatment
• Complementary Treatment

Physical treatment: This forms the core of the Vaginismus treatment options. Physical treatments mostly involve the insertion of dilators of increasing sizes gradually into your vagina until you are able to insert them without experiencing any pain. You can either dilate on your own or can seek help of a sex therapist. This kind of physical treatment provides results if you also involve your partner in the dilating process. This is mainly because; when you involve your partner there is more intimate contact between you two and this can eventually result into sexual intercourse.

The physical treatment for Vaginismus also involves some physical exercises such as Kegel exercises and sensate focus exercises to ease your pelvic floor tension. By practicing these exercises you are able to control the involuntary ‘closing-off’ of the Pubococcogeus (PC) muscles, which in turn helps you to have pain free sexual intercourse. In some cases, especially if Vaginismus doesn’t respond to other treatments, then a new method known as the Botox refractory is also used as a part of physical treatment.

Psychological treatment: The psychological treatment can occur in three settings. These include individual, couple and a group setting. During individual treatment, the various psychological problems such as fear or anxiety towards sex, previous sexual abuse, unbalanced religious upbringing, negative attitude towards sex and others that lead to Vaginismus are addressed. You are taught to view sex and the process of sexual intercourse as natural and pleasurable activity and not distressful. This in turn helps you to get over your condition of Vaginismus.

In the couples setting, you and are your partner are to work together in the process of treating Vaginismus. You are educated about Vaginismus and are briefed about the various activities which you and your partner can engage in to overcome your disorder.

The third one, a group setting, is also one of the most effective psychological treatments for Vaginismus wherein the patient or even couples facing the same problems are brought together to discuss about sexual problems. The main motive of this setting is to provide inspiration and strength to the couples so that they are able to discuss their problems in open. The group setting also ‘pushes’ the couples towards taking effective steps in treating the condition of Vaginismus without worrying about embarrassment and shame.

Complementary treatments: Along with physical and psychological treatments, there are also many complementary Vaginismus treatments available, which can help you to cure Vaginismus. Some of the most common complementary treatments used to treat Vaginismus include hypnosis, acupressure and natural therapies. The complementary treatments are best suitable for you especially if you are having problems undergoing other treatments or want a more delicate approach to treating your condition.

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