Some Different Types of Wooden Name Plaques

Wooden name plaques are a unique piece to add to any home or office. They are nice because they are so flexible in can be used in almost any room, and in almost any office, making them a wonderful tool. There are the types of wooden name plaques that hang on the wall, which really are the nicest kind in my opinion. You also have the wooden name plaques that can be carved with a company name or title and placed on your desk. These can also be used very effectively and creatively, but they are limited in their usages more than ones that can be hanged.

No matter what type of wooden name plaque you choose, you are going to want to make sure you pick the right type of wood. Walnut is naturally darker and has a nice grain to it. Pine is a softwood, very light, and much less durable than other woods. Oak is very solid, lighter than walnut, and looks great in most situations. You can also find some exotic woods such as mahogany which is very dark and rich in color, cherry with has beautiful smells and grain, or cedar which has an incredibly unique grain and richness to it. personalised night light

Once you go through all of those different wood types and choose the one you like the best, you need to pair it with the right stain. Most woods have a stain that should match it very well. For example, walnut wood has a darker walnut stain, and oak normally has lighter oak stains. You can mix and match, but using the right type of stain really enhances the natural grain of the wood, and really is an important step in making the name plaque look great. As far as painting goes, I never encourage painting wood, I think it ruins the natural look. If you are going to paint wood, I would never do it to most hardwoods and things like cedar, I would probably only do it to something cheap like pine.

Color, wood choice, and type are going to be the three basic elements that you need to choose in every wooden name plaque. Once those decisions are made, you should have no problem getting the right name and message carved into the plaque. You will have to choose the font and basic design of the product, but those are pretty simple decisions once you have decided on everything else. Once all of that occurs, you should have yourself a wood name plaque you can be proud of.

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