Range Hoods – Why They Are So Important

n 2016, it’s been found that most people don’t use a copper range hood or other type to control moisture and ventilate their kitchens. This is a scary finding. Studies show that they only turn on their copper range hoods for smoke and odor removal. What could possibly be the reason they use it so minimally? Surprisingly, it’s due to noise. Most copper range hoods on the market aren’t as noisy as they were several years ago, so it pays for homeowners to reconsider, and maybe update their current hood.

A Necessary Element

For any home, there is no doubt that use of a copper range hood or any type is detrimental to the inhabitant’s health. It doesn’t’ matter if it’s a gas or electric range, it still produces pollutants within the home over time when a hood vent is not utilized. Sadly, most homes have one available but due to ignorance or noise they don’t activate them when necessary.

The most common type is that which is attached to a cabinet and directly over the range or cook top. They exhaust to the outside, which is best. A ducted copper range hood is perfect for removal of pollutants associated with cooking. Shockingly, most homeowners don’t even realize they are ducted to the outside! hood art

Less Noise

It’s actually very simple to find a copper range hood that isn’t noisy. One way is to look for the Energy Star label affixed on the hood. Not only are they built to be more efficient overall, but they are definitely less noisy. Sound levels are at around 2.0 sones, which is more of a soothing sound than a loud, obnoxious one. There is even a searchable database for Energy Star that can be very helpful when on the hunt for a copper range hood.

The newest copper range hoods, among others are those which have heat-sensing devices and automatically engage when they are detected. This way, using the hood is brainless as it will come on and turn off on its own. These “smart” range hoods are the best addition to any new home or kitchen remodel and they are fast becoming the standard across the building industry.

A Work of Art

The copper range hoods of today are not only functional but beautiful. They come in a variety of styles that lend themselves to any type of kitchen décor from contemporary to traditional. In fact, they can become a centerpiece to add interest to the kitchen, impressing friends and family with ease. The kitchen is always a gathering place, so why not make it perfect?

Investing in custom hoods, or long-lasting copper versions is a smart move for any homeowner. Their lasting beauty will not only treat the air that one breathes, but up the overall value of the home in many ways. Of course, homeowners can always go for the under the cabinet style hood vent; but adding an artistic element is always a good choice

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