Food Machinery – Frying Lines

When you think of a manufacturing line or an assembly line then you tend to think of cars being assembled and of other similar vehicles and items being constructed automatically. This then helps to make sure that the product be assembled automatically without any input from staff etc. This makes the whole process far more cost effective for the manufacturing company, and means that it takes fewer staff to perform the same task, and means that they can dramatically increase output to an industrial scale. Without manufacturing and assembly lines we would live in a very different world. buy used food machinery

It may surprise you to learn however that these manufacturing lines don’t just affect the automobile industry, or even the automobile and computer industry. At the same time many other things can be manufactured on a ‘line’ and this includes clothing for instance and even homes if they are prefabs. Even more interesting however is the idea of a ‘frying line’ which literally cooks things en-masse for lots of people to enjoy.

You might wonder what a frying line could be useful for, and why you would need to fry things en-masse when most things you cook need to be consumed almost immediately before they go cold and stop tasting as nice. Well the reason is the food industry and specifically the snacks industry. When you think of something like peanuts for instance or many other types of nuts, then you will note that these are often cooked in some way – if not roasted then they will be fried. Likewise crisps and chips are also fried and these need to be made en-masse. When you buy a packet of crisps, there is not a man somewhere locked in a warehouse spending his every day cooking up bag after bag of crisps, rather they came from frying lines which results in them being fried hundreds at a time. Other snacks also require frying, whether this is pork scratchings or other bags of meat.

These fried snacks today rely on frying lines to meet demand, and this allows huge amounts of food to be prepared and often packeted on the same line. These machines are incredibly clever and do the job of a human hundreds of times over to perfection. When you consider how perfectly most crisps are fried, and how they are fried evenly on each side, then you can appreciate the amount of ingenuity that has clearly gone into the creation of these cooking machines.

A cooking machine for instance needs to know the weight and size of a crisp as it comes through in order to know how long to cook it for and how much oil to use. It needs to be able to not only cut potatoes, but also be able to peel them, and it needs to be able to do this again according to size and weight. It then needs to be able to cook the crisps for the right amount of time before removing them and moving to the next one on the frying line.

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