Enhance Your Eyes With a Proper Application of Eye Liner

Learning to apply eyeliner properly can be extremely difficult at first. Once you get the hang of it, the results will be outstanding. Benefits of mastering the skillful art of eyeliner application include giving a balance to the features of your face. Studies show that people with more balanced facial features are considered more beautiful.

Before you choose an eyeliner you need to know which will best complement your features. Liquid eye liner is good in defining the upper eye lids and lashes. Pencil eye liner is best applied to the lower lids, giving you a sexy shadow look. This “shadow look” is great for a night out on the town since it provides a dramatic appeal.

Many people tend to go with pencil since the application process is easier to master. Liquid takes practice and skill but is becoming more and more popular with advancing trends. The reason for this is the dramatic look that many desire can only be obtained using liquid. Wing eyeliner

After you decide the types of eyeliner you will be applying, you need to pick a color. When doing so, always take into consideration skin tone, eye color, and eye shadow color. Darker eyes are best represented by dark brown or black. Lighter eyes are best complimented with lighter colors.

Do not make the mistake of applying other makeup after your eyeliner. Shadow products, which are mostly powder, can interfere with the effects of your liner.

When applying your liquid eye liner always be sure to look at your self in a clean mirror. Proper lighting is a must — never attempt to apply eye liner in a poorly lit environment.

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